Houston, ready for take-off...


Highly available & secure deployments

“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand.”

Neil Armstrong
Weltraum is a cloud service that enables hassle-free, fast and reliable code deployments. With a strong foundation built on proven technologies and hosted on privacy-focused infrastructure in countries inside of the European Union, Weltraum frees your team from juggling bare metal and takes away steep learning-curves while giving you full control of your data.
With Weltraum, your developers get a full-featured and highly available cloud platform they can instantly deploy code on, with legally compliance to most NDA-subjected companies and projects across the EU.


Easy & Instant

Simply set up your infrastructure through Mission-files and deploy every piece of code hassle-free using Mondrakete. Houston takes care of everything else, so you don't need to.


Weltraum runs on dedicated hardware located in Germany, Norway and Switzerland. With data privacy in mind, Weltraum guarantees your data to be yours and complies with most NDA-subjected infrastructures.

Highly Available

With one rocket (instance) launched into Weltraum, Houston makes sure to have multiple instances available in the background, so that everything runs smoothly even under high pressure.


  • 1 CPUs
  • 1 Gb Memory
  • 10 Gb Storage
  • Standard¹ Support
per month
  • 2 CPUs
  • 2 Gb Memory
  • 20 Gb SSD Storage
  • Standard¹ Support
per month
  • 4 CPUs
  • 4 Gb Memory
  • 40 Gb SSD Storage
  • Standard¹ Support
per month

Custom-built rockets

  • >4 CPUs
  • >4 Gb Memory
  • >40 Gb SSD Storage
  • Mission Critial² Support
  • ¹ Requests via e-mail, response time of one business day.
  • ² Requests via e-mail and phone, response time of one hour.

Weltraum ♥ Open-Source

At Weltraum we love Open-Source software and rely on it heavily.
The majority of core-components powering Weltraum are Open-Source projects.
You'll be getting no more than two emails per month the most. Promised.